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Kolios Pita Classic 18cm (10x18cm pitas)

The classic souvlaki or gyros wraps from the Kolios bakery for an authentic souvlaki-at-home. Can be toasted, fried, grilled or heated in the oven, either with or without oil. Also great for dips and salads and suitable for vegetarians. The word souvlaki is a diminutive of the Medieval Greek souvla (σούβλα) meaning "skewer". Usually reserved for meat on skewers, excellent modern souvlaki versions include firm tofu, halloumi or marinaded oyster mushrooms.

Ideal for souvlaki wrap or a big snack. In two options, oiled or not, you can enjoy it easily and quickly, as in little toasting time it becomes extremely pliable and particularly tasteful.

It is delicious and soft, ideal for barbeque, sandwiches, single pizzas, bread service, but also for many other uses. What is more, it can be used instead of bread, as it can be cut in slices or strips. It is also great to be served together with dips or spreads.

It does not contain trans fats and it is 100% appropriate for vegetarians.

These are delicious and soft, ideal for barbeques, sandwiches, single pizzas, or can be cut into strips and served with dips and spreads.
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Kolios, Magoula, Attica

In 2013, Evangelos Kolios founded Pites Kolios in Magoula, Attica, with a goal to produce the best pitta for souvlaki on the market. Kolios started his relationship with the pitta industry in 1981, when he worked in the construction of pitta-making machinery. He then took the experience he had gained into building a business of his own. His passion, commitment, and technique were passed on to his sons, who took over and pushed the brand forward. New flavours, new shapes, new uses, and new perspectives have transformed the favourite traditional pitta into an entirely new product in the hands of the Kolios family.

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