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Organic Cretan Sausages with Stamnagathi 400g

In the Venetian north west of Crete, the Vavourakis family lovingly rear droves of truly free range and happy pigs who are allowed to roam over 170 acres of fields and hillsides, greedily munching on naturally organic acorns, fruits and roots, wild grasses and cereal. The pigs, grouped according to their age, live in the open but have small huts for shelter in the colder months. The resulting luxurious sausages are gently smoked over olive wood and packed with sage, marjoram and thyme as well as stamnagathi, a dark wild green leaf that is considered, by locals, the Cretan secret to longevity. The result is deliciously rich and healthy sausages that are packed with good fats and vitamins.
The sausages are frozen after production and will be sent out to you frozen. They can be put back in the freezer when you receive them or stored in the fridge and consumed within 7 days.

Net content: 400g

Packaging: Vacuum pack

Ingredients: Organic, Free Range Pork Meat, Pork Fat, Salt, Pepper, Paprika, Stamnagathi, Thyme

Served grilled, fried or cooked in pasta sauces and tray bakes. Pairs beautifully with red wine:
Alpha Estate Red, Syrah-Xinomavro-Merlot, from Amyntaion.
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Ktima Vavouraki, Rethimno, Crete

Ktima Vavouraki rear their own free-range, organic pigs on Crete. They follow traditional Cretan recipes to make their sausages, which are smoked using olive wood and Cretan herbs such as sage, marjoram and thyme, along with stamnagathi, a leafy wild green that grows mainly in Crete and is considered to be one of the Cretans’ secrets for well-being and longevity. Vavourakis farm is located in the mountainous region of Lampini, in Rethymno Crete, away from human settlements. The untouched landscape, with its low, bushy vegetation is ideal for organic stock raising. In the 170 acres of the farm there are rocky areas, left in wilderness, and small plateaus. The pigs, grouped according to their age, live in the open. Little, movable huts are used for shelter. The pigs are free to move, to graze, dig, and do whatever keeps them happy. The animals diet is supplemented by certified, organic products: grain, fruits and vegetables, and Greek herbs, such as oregano, are used as a means of protection against diseases.

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