Messinian Treasure Organic Early Harvest Olive Oil

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Messinian Treasure Organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil (Agoureleo) is a superior category of olive oil obtained directly from Koroneiki variety olives and solely by mechanical means. The early harvesting of the olives produces a much lower yield but a much higher quality olive oil.

It has an intense greenish colour due to the high chlorophyll content, strong fruity flavour and rich texture. 

It leaves a bitter and spicy feeling on the throat and has a rare and uniquely pleasing aftertaste.
A distinctive and surprising overall sensation that is unforgettable to whoever tastes it.

Ingredients: Organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil
• Harvest Date: November 2021
• Certification: DIO 

• Origin: Messinia, Greece
• Net content & Packaging: 500ml bottle

Used by many Michelin stared chefs.
Served everywhere! Fresh in salads, dips, dressings and on fresh warm bread. Use it for healthy cooking and grilling meat or fish, since extra virgin olive oil retains its nutritional values even at high temperatures.