MiNiMus Trio
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The MiNiMus series of wines are the first labels produced by Chloe Chatzivaritis when she joined the family winery as a newly-qualified winemaker. Taking the already organic winery in a 'natural' direction, she has focused on extremely tight grape selection, foot-stomping, spontaneous fermentation and absolutely no additions, fining or filtering. What really makes these wines stand out is that Chloe doesn't neglect her winemaker's training, they are all very well-balanced wines that are free of faults, reflecting her talent, hard work and the quality of the grapes. Not to be missed.

1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Mi' Assyrtiko
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Ni' Malagouzia
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Mus' Xinomavro