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Catalyst Special Blend Greek Coffee 200g

We have teamed up with London-based Greek Coffee Roasters Catalyst to create a special Greek Coffee Blend. The beans are from Brazil (Pedra Azul) and Guatemala (Finca) with a mixture of altitudes and rich soils, giving it great body. Artfully crafted and roasted in small batches, for a creamy, sweet, fruity and milky-chocolatey greek coffee with a nutty aftertaste. Being made in London allows us to have freshly roasted coffee from the finest beans. It is expertly ground to super fine grounds, as required to make authentic Greek coffee.
Net content: 200g

Packaging: Plastic bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Coffee


Our Maltby&Greek range of products include olives from our own organic olive groves and an expanding range of products made in collaboration with our producers - from real Greek yoghurt to early-harvest olive oil. Our aim is always to select the very best produce.

For our hampers, gift boxes and mixed cases we select some of our favourite products in themes and combinations that aim to highlight the diversity Greece has to offer.

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