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12-bottle Mixed Case Beers

A complete set of Greek craft beers, from classic ‘All Day Organic Lager’ (Nissos brewery) to fragrant and unusual honey-brewed Septem ‘Sunday’s,’ this crate has you covered for all moods and foods.

1x Septem Monday's (Pilsner, 5.0%) (330ml)
1x Septem Friday's (Pale Ale, 4.7%) (330ml)
1x Septem Sunday's (Honey Golden Ale, 6.5%) (330ml)
1x Septem 8th Day (IPA, 7.0%) (330ml)
1x Septem LAVA (Imperial Red IPA, 9.0%) (500ml)
1x Nissos All-Day Organic Lager (4.5%) (330ml)
1x Nissos Pilsner (5.0%) (330ml)
1x Nissos 'Tholi' Hazy Lager (6.5%) (330ml)
2x Nissos Pure Lager (5%) (330ml)
1x Santorini Yellow Donkey (5%) (330ml)
1x Santorini Crazy Donkey (IPA, 6.5%) (330ml)

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Gluten


Our Maltby&Greek range of products include olives from our own organic olive groves and an expanding range of products made in collaboration with our producers - from real Greek yoghurt to early-harvest olive oil. Our aim is always to select the very best produce.

For our hampers, gift boxes and mixed cases we select some of our favourite products in themes and combinations that aim to highlight the diversity Greece has to offer.

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