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Organic 'Veloudo' Sheep's Milk Yoghurt 150g

Veloudo organic yoghurt is made with 100% fresh Greek sheep's milk, following the traditional recipe for Greek yoghurt of straining in a muslin cloth (‘tsantila’). This creates a true Greek yoghurt with a concentrated, thick, and velvety texture and a deliciously rich, slightly tart, flavour. The straining process also results in a naturally high-protein yoghurt packed with calcium and probiotics. By only using very fresh organic whole milk, all the nutrients and flavour are preserved. Veloudo is a healthy and delicious breakfast or dessert, whether plain or topped with fruits, granola, or honey. It is also great in savoury dishes or used to make your own tzatziki.
Unit Price £1.67 / 100 g
Net content: 150g

Packaging: Plastic tub

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: Pasteurised organic whole sheep's milk, yoghurt cultures

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates6.6g
of which Sugars3.9g

Although traditionally made with sheep or goat's milk yoghurt, you can make it with any of our organic veloudo dairy greek yoghurts.  

Veloudo Dairy, Kria Vrisi, Macedonia

Veloudo is a small-scale dairy based in the region of Pella in northern Greece. They source certified organic milk from farmers and shepherds in the local area who graze their animals on open pastures and feed them a diet of organic hay and grains. Veloudo's yoghurts are made with very fresh milk (within 24 hours of milking) using the traditional method of straining in a ‘tsantila’ (muslin cloth). This produces a true Greek yoghurt, where some of the whey from the milk is gently removed, leaving behind a concentrated, thick yoghurt with a velvety texture and rich flavour. The traditional process results in a naturally high-protein yoghurt, a much thicker consistency, and the classic, slightly tart Greek yoghurt flavour. They produce yoghurt from organic cow’s, sheep’s, and goat’s milk, as well as a perfectly balanced organic Tzatziki.


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