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Meligyris Mountain Tea (Malotira) Honey 270g

Mountain tea or Malotira (Sideritis syriaca) is the miracle herb, known since the Myceneans as a cure-all, and particularly for digestion and colds. It grows on Crete's mountains from 800m - 2,000m, where these behives are located and the honey harvested every summer.
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Net content: 270g

Packaging: Glass jar

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: 100% Pure Greek Honey infused with natural Malotira tea aromas from the local ecosystem

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0g
of which Sugars76g
Served as a spread on bread and pancakes with cinnamon and sesame, in tea, juices and smoothies, as a topping on yogurt and fruits, in marinades for pork meat and in salad dressings. For a special, healthy touch, you can use it in everyday cooking to almost any recipe. In Greek islands, it is served as a topping on Greek cheeses such as manouri.

Meligyris, Arkalohori, Crete

Beekeeping has been a tradition in Manolis Stefanakis’s family since 1920. Continuing in his family’s footsteps, Manolis established his first apiary, Meligyris, in Crete, where he produces rare types of honey from the wild Cretan herbs. Manolis’ scientific background, as a graduate from the Agricultural University of Athens, as well as his long-time involvement in the family business, led him to associate the microclimate in different geographical areas (according to altitude, relative humidity, and soil composition) with the flavour and biochemical characteristics of the produced honey. As Greek flora is vast and diverse, so is the honey it produces. Meligyris has perfected beekeeping using generations of knowledge, tradition, and scientific research to produce top quality Cretan honey, reflecting the flora of each microclimate, area and season.

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