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Red Donkey (5.5%) (330ml)

Red Donkey is a truly international lagered ale, formulated with a combination of malts especially chosen to showcase its mesmerising chestnut hue. A perfect combination of Aurora and Styrian Golding hops from Slovenia, Citra from Washington, and Nelson Sauvin from New Zealand. Enlivened with a Belgian-style yeast, the result is fruity, full-bodied and rich. Any spent grains leftover from the brewing process are composted for the local vineyards. Founded in 2011, the brewery is run by Greek wine maker Yianis Paraskevopoulos, American Majid Anderson, Serbian brewer Boban Krunic and Brit Steve Daniel, who has a background in both wine and beer.
Net content: 330ml

Packaging: Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Gluten
An unpretentious all-rounder that says yes please to steak and chips.

Santorini Brewing Company, Santorini, Aegean Islands

In 2011, four brewers and winemakers came together to start a microbrewery on Santorini. They wanted to bring something new and exciting to the colourless landscape of Greek lagers. Their unfiltered and unpasteurised ‘lagered ales’ are naturally preserved by the sugars they produce after two rounds of fermentation. Each recipe starts the same, with four simple components: malted barley, hops, yeast, and water. The malted barley is milled and mashed, which yields a liquid wort which is boiled with aromatic hops, gathered from all over the world. The residual spent grain is used as nutritional compost for local vineyards. Santorini Brewing Company, with their distinctive 'Donkey' brand, have won the hearts of beer fans around the world with the great quality and quite simply thirst-quenching brews.

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