Nopera Winery, Samos, Aegean Islands

Nopera’s story began in the middle of the nineteenth century, when the Nopera family left Malta for Samos. A few decades later, the family produced a high-quality, sweet Samian wine made from white Muscat, which they exported to Noilly Pratt of Marseilles, a company still renowned for its exceptional vermouth. Eventually, Nopera became the first private winery on the island. Now they own three vineyards, covering 4 hectares, across Samos. They preserve the unique taste and rich history of their wine by focusing on organic viticulture. Following mild vivification procedures means the wines retain all the pure qualities that come from their indigenous variety. Nopera has combined tradition and innovation to produce the famous sweet Samos Muscat as well as a range of dry wines.


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