35N Cretan Distillery, Rethymno, Crete

Founded by a group of friends, 35N Cretan Distillery produces excellent tsikoudia. Tsipouro, Tsikoudia or Raki are the Greek names for distilled grape marcs, called Grappa in Italy, Aguardiente in Spain and Portugal, and Pisco in Chile and Peru. Crete, with its annual distillation festivals, is the spiritual home of the drink in Greece. Based in the old fortified city of Rethymno, George Markoulakis, Pantelis Fanourgakis, and Elias Melissourgos have joined forces to create the best range of Tsikoudia they can, using different grape varieties and ageing. They use only high-quality grape varieties that have distinct and unique flavours to produce the blended Tsikoudia 35N, a single-variety tsikoudia from Moschato and Syrah, and Tsikoudia aged in oak barrels.  Crete has a unique climate that is determined by its latituted, which influences all its agricultural products. The name Tsikoudia 35N is inspired by the geographical parallel 35N that crosses the island. 


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