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Organic Oregano bunch

The name 'Oregano' comes from the Greek terms 'oros' which means mountain and 'ganos' which means brilliance, brightness, or beauty. In other words, oregano was so important for ancient Greeks that they believed it made the mountains glow.
Net content: 60g

Packaging: Paper bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Organic Greek Oregano

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates0g
of which Sugars0g
It is not surprising that, Hippocrates, an illustrious ancient Greek doctor, was accustomed to choose oregano for the treatment of many diseases, while nowadays Oregano is used:

  • For the treatment of colds and intense cough.
  • For stomachaches and pains from poisoning.
  • For the combat of inflammations.
  • For the facilitation of digestion.
  • While simultaneously it has anticancer and antifungal action.

Just before their summer residency at Maltby St. Market, things are getting hectic in Hungry Donkey's kitchen.

However, Tziovi the Chef, shared with us his simple but essential recipe for the best dish of the season: Greek 'village' salad.

There is nothing better than a fresh, juicy salad and we love the Cretan version.

It has the perfect crunch that comes from the barley rusks, the creaminess that comes from the fresh curd and the saltiness from the olives and capers. Of course we love it, it's what we were brought up on. The grated graviera is not very common but it fits perfectly.

Bioparnon, Mount Parnonas, Peloponnese

BioParnon was established in 2013, after a decade of research into how herbs can be tools for healing and survival. Their organic fields are located in the Vourvoura community at the foot of Parnonas Mountain in the Peloponnese and the company collaborates closely with its farmers and growers, who work alongside nature rather than against it. All BioParnon herbs are grown under the mantra that ‘Mother Nature knows best’: they are grown without pesticides and they are preserved without chemical additives, so they retain their quality and potency.

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