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Lyrarakis Verjus (Agourida) 250ml

Lyrarakis ‘Agourida’ (Verjus) is a speciality food that only true Greeks and Grecophiles seem to know about. Made from the unfermented juice of unripe grapes, it can be distinguished by its delicate taste with a characteristic light sweetness and refreshing acidity. In the stunning Lyrarakis winery vineyards in Crete, where rose bushes sit alongside the vines, the grapes are hand picked during the last week of July, known as the Green Harvest. These unripe grapes are then transferred to the winery press and the juice is led into a huge stainless steel tank where concentration is achieved by freezing. This unusual liquid product has a rich nose of red fruits and undertones of mild spice.
Net content: 250ml

Packaging: Glass bottle

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients:  Unripe Grapes, Sulphur Dioxide

Agourida is an excellent, gentle acidulant for salad dressings and cooking (see here for delicious recipes). Lately it has been used by mixologists in cocktails, adding freshness and an elegant aromatic aftertaste.

Lyrarakis, Arkalohori, Crete

The Lyrarakis Estate is a family-owned winery that has been producing high quality wines since 1966 with a strong focus on rare local varieties. The family is credited with the revival of ancient Cretan varieties, such as Dafni and Plyto, and they have also championed the production of agourida, a pressing of unripe grapes that is used as an alternative to lemon juice or vinegar.

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