Step 1

Start with the tomato chutney (better if made a day in advance).

Step 2

Add the sugar and a splash of water to a small pan and heat gently while stirring to make a light caramel.

Step 3

Add the whole chilli and the agourida.

Step 4

Simmer for 2 minutes and then add the quartered cherry tomatoes and the petimezi.

Step 5

Continue to simmer until it reaches a marmalade consistency and then season with salt and paprika. You can also blitz if for a smooth consistency.

Step 6

To cook the mastelo, start by heating up a skillet or pan until smoking hot.

Step 7

Cut the mastelo across once so you end up with two discs that are half the height and then cut these pieces across the middle so you end up with two half moons.

Step 8

Brush a touch of oil on to the mastelo pieces.

Step 9

Place the mastelo in your pan and cook it until golden-brown in colour on both sides.

Step 10

Serve it hot with the chutney.

Meraki's Grilled Mastelo with Cherry Tomato & Petimezi Chutney

Serves 4
45 mins
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten Free
  • Ingredients

1x Mastelo (350-400g) cut across and then in half, yielding 4 half-moons
500g cherry tomatoes, quartered1x red chilli pepper
Pinch of salt
4 tbsp verjus (agourida)
1 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp grape molasses (petimezi)
2 pinches sweet smoked paprika

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