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Kostarelos 6-Month Barrel-Aged Feta

Kostarelos family feta is entirely handmade from beginning to end in the most traditional way possible. Cheesemakers cut the curd, place it in moulds, rotate it in beech barrels, then inspect and painstakingly care for each feta block as it ages over a six month period. Food legislation states that a feta needs to be aged for a minimum of two months. It is this passion for traditional methods and respect for slow food that seeps out in the cheese’s remarkably complex flavour that makes it a stand-out in salads.
As low as £5.40
Net content: 150g-350g

Packaging: Vacuum pack

Ingredients: Pasteurised Sheep's Milk (70% Min) And Pasteurised Goat's Milk (30%) (Rennet)

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates17g
of which Sugars1.4g
Use as you would conventional feta but also particularly good when an extra kick is needed, such as in whipped feta or htipiti.

This is a version of the dish we've been serving ever since opening and exactly how my mom still cooks it in Istanbul.

Unlike the common mücver this one has lots of fresh garlic for a more pungent flavour and therefore shares similarities with öcce fritters of Antep (a province in Southeastern Turkey).

Kostarelos, Markopoulo, Attica

The Kostarelos family started making cheese with milk from their own farms in 1937 to serve to guests at their tavern in Markopoulo. By the 1960s production had expanded, and they opened more dairy facilities, creating an integrated, structured production process, while still preserving their traditions. Three generations later, the Kostarelos family continue to collect milk from selected small farms and make cheese, yoghurt, rice puddings and other dairy products. Respect and dedication to tradition, along with the family's know-how in sourcing milk exclusively from small Greek farms, are the secrets to their success and the quality of their products. Their barrel-aged feta is considered one of the very best and few forget the experience of first trying their traditionally strained Greek yoghurt.

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