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Tarama (100% Cod's Roe) 200g

Tarama is pure, cured cod’s roe that ought to form the basis for any authentic taramasalata. Think of it as the cod’s caviar. Many shop-bought taramasalatas are dyed bright pink and blended until silky smooth, but real tarama has a slightly salmon tone and the resulting taramasalata dip should have a nice granular finish. Ours is the rarest of them all, white tarama. It is extremely difficult to find outside of Greece so this is a real speciality food. Blend with stale bread crumbs, lemon juice, milk and a little onion for the perfect creamy dip.
Net content: 200g

Packaging: Plastic tub

Ingredients: Cod Roe, Sugar, Salt

Make an extra special white taramasalata with crustless stale bread crumbs, onion, milk and lemon.

Ta Divaria, Athens, Attica

Ta Divaria, located in Nea Ionia, Athens, is a traditional fishmonger, smoker, and curer of fish and seafood. The company specialises in producing some of the best tarama, and other cured fish, in Greece.

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