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Staka butter, from Sfakia Crete, by Manousos Tsitsiridis

Staka is what butter is supposed to look like; thick, champagne gold and irresistibly creamy. It is a type of clarified butter produced from 100% sheep's milk in Crete and keeps well in the refrigerator for almost a year. Considered an essential ingredient in any Cretan kitchen, it is used for thickening all sort of dishes including soups and sauces. Staka is made by salting and boiling the creamiest, fattest layer of fresh sheep’s milk for several hours with a little flour, until the butter separates. It comes from the remote mountains of Sfakia in western Crete, where cheesemaker Tsitsiridis took over the family business straight out of dairy school.
Unit Price £5.00 / 100 g
Net content: 300g

Packaging: Glass jar

Ingredients: Sheep's Milk 100% (Rennet)

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates71.9g
of which Sugars0.1g
In Crete, it is cooked with eggs or in traditional risottos (gamopilafo) or in apaki (smoked pork). Use it in pasta or over oven bakes to enhance the flavour.

Manousos Tsitsiridis, Sfakia, Crete

In 1994, having just graduated from the Dairy School of Ioannina, 35-year-old Manousos Tsitsiridis took over the family cheese business in Askifou, Sfakia. Using an old family recipe, he started to make cheese daily from November through to July, a total of 60 tons of cheese a year, exclusively with local milk, supplied by 35 farmers in the region. The west of Crete, and the area of Sfakia in particular, are remote and wild, with plenty of pasture for the sheep to graze on, from the low plains by the sea in winter, to the high montains in summer. The exceptionally diverse flora of the cretan landscape enrich the flavour of the milk and Manousos uses some of the herbs directly in his cheesmaking, with his smoked thyme graviera. He produces a full range of traditional Cretan cheeses, from galomzyithra, a set cream cheese used in both sweet and savoury pastries, a light whey anthotiro, which is like fresh ricotta, and different ages of PDO Crete Graviera.

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