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Salep, also known as salepi, sahlep or sahlab, is a superfood powder made by grinding up the roots and bulbs of wild orchids. It has been used in cooking and hot beverages since Roman and Byzantine times, when it was widely thought of as an aphrodisiac. It is rich in a polysaccharide called glucomannan, which has a thick, gloopy texture that helps to make you feel full. In Greek and Turkish cooking, Salepi is used to make hot drinks with milk, sugar, cinnamon and ginger and is also a staple in mastic ice creams such as Kaimaki or Dondurma. It has a mildly juniper flavour and is the classic taste of ‘chai,’ warming teas.
Net content: 20g-100g

Packaging: Plastic bag

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: Salepi

Salep is used to make hot milky beverages and also in kaimaki or dondurma ice creams where it lends a unique elastic texture.

Fotsis, Athens, Attica

Fotsis is the oldest spice shop in Athens. In 1930, it introduced Eastern herbs and spices to Greece, importing many products that were new to Greek palates. Fotis Tsironis' grandson George now runs the business, continuing his family’s legacy, and Fotsi remains a household name in Greece after so many years.

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