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Koufopoulos Aged Naxos Graviera

Naxos Graviera is a PDO hard yellow cheese made with a combination of pasteurised local cow’s, sheep’s and goat's milk. Kofopoulos is one of the best and most respected producers on the mountainous and fertile island of Naxos. This is the farm’s best Graviera. Aged for at least 2 years, it develops a rich and complex flavour that is the highlight of any cheese board. It is made using vegetarian rennet so is suitable for vegetarians. Legend has it that Apollo left his son Aristaeus on the island to teach the locals cheese-making. Aristaeus is the god of shepherds, cheese and bee-keeping.
As low as £11.00
Net content: 250g-4kg

Packaging: Wax paper (cut and packed by M&G)

Suitable for Vegetarians

Ingredients: 80-90% Pasteurised Cow's Milk And 10-20% Pasteurised Sheep And Goat's Milk

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates19.7g
of which Sugars0.1g
Cheese board quality. Can also be dipped in water, covered in seasoned flour and fried.

Koufopoulos, Naxos, Aegean Islands

Emmanuel Koufopoulos established his dairy on Naxos in 1990. Since then, Koufopoulos has developed a range of cheeeses made exclusively in Naxos, using island traditions and family experience. The highest quality cow's milk is used for all the products, collected from the more than 100 cows at Emmanuel’s farmhouse, which were carefully selected for him by the 200 cattle breeders of the mountainous regions of Naxos. Koufopoulos is famous for its graviera of various ages, as well as more experimental cheeses which have been awarded multiple prizes.

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