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Idiston Tomato & Chilli Jam 240g

Homemade Chili Tomato Jam is a delicious and versatile spread made with fresh, seasonal tomatoes from Greek producers. The tomatoes are cooked slowly with chili peppers to create a rich, savory flavor with a hint of heat.
Unit Price £2.50 / 100 g
Net content: 240g

Packaging: Glass jar

Idiston, Nea Philadelphia, Attica

Idiston started by producing cakes, pastries, and other homemade treats before focusing on traditional spoon sweets and other fruit spreads. From there the company expanded into making high-quality sauces, soups, marinades and cordials. For over 25 years Idistion have made all their products by hand, without preservatives or dyes, using the best ingredients Greece has to offer. They are constantly researching recipes and looking for wonderful new things to make.

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