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Callicounis Bitter Amaro 25% 1L

A classic, bitter, aromatic apperitivo from Callicounis distillery in Kalamata.
Net content: 1 litre

Packaging: Glass bottle

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans

Ingredients: 100% Bitter Aperitif

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Callicounis Distillery, Kalamata, Peloponnese

Callicounis is the oldest family-owned distillery in Greece having been in the hands of one lineage since 1850. When the founder George Callicounis first created his distillates he combined chemistry with an innate knowledge of aromatic plants, roots, and fruits from the vast vegetation of Messinia. The distillery used steam powered equipment from France, a first for any distillery in Greece at the time. The subtle tastes and flavours of Callicounis’ original recipes have been passed down the generations, along with his craftsmanship and expertise.

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