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Babounis Dry Anthotyro

An Anthotiro is a whey cheese that is by-produced after the main hard cheese, the Arseniko. The Babounis family dry anthotiro is a blend of sheep and goat's whey and milk, which is gently dried and aged in their farmhouse creamery, close to the hill-lined beaches of Agiasos on Naxos. Its production is similar to a good ricotta salata. It is a brilliant white, quite chalky cheese with a wonderfully deep and milky flavour. Anthotiro can be eaten plain, flaked into salads or grated onto pasta. And where better to produce it? Naxos was the island home of Dionysus, the Greek god of wine and fine dining.
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Net content: 250g-2kg

Packaging: Wax paper (cut and packed by M&G)

Ingredients: Pasteurised Sheep's & Goat's Whey And Milk (Rennet)

Allergens: Milk, Whey
Anthotiro can be eaten plain, flaked into salads or grated onto pasta.

Babounis, Naxos, Aegean Islands

The Babounis family have kept their own herd of sheep and goats for cheesemaking on the island of Naxos for over 70 years. The animals roam freely and eat the rich native vegetation that grows in the Filoti area; they graze in the mountaintops and down by the coast, where they drink sea water. These are just some of the details that make Babounis cheese stand out. It is a rarity these days to find a real farmhouse cheese, one that is produced entirely on a single farm from their own milk, let alone a farm near the beach at Agiasos. The Babounis’ recipes have been handed down for generations and include the Naxos PDO Arseniko and dried Anthotyro cheese.

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