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Sour Mizithra (Xinomizithra) 450g

Xinomizithra is a medium-soft fresh cheese that has been made, and loved, in Crete for thousands of years. It has a slightly sour taste with a melt-in-the-mouth texture that is akin to aged ricotta. This is the soured and aged version of plain Mizithra cheese. Xinomizithra contains less than 30% fat so it’s a good choice for the health conscious. It is made in the simplest way possible at the Tzourbaki dairy. Milk is brought to a slow boil for a few minutes then curdled by adding rennet or whey from a previous batch. Natural acids, such as lemon juice or a fresh broken fig tree sprig, is added to form curds before it is poured into a cheesecloth bag and hung to drain.
Unit Price £2.44 / 100 g
Net content: 450g

Packaging: Vacuum pack

Ingredients: Sheep And Goat's Milk, Starter Culture, Rennet, Salt, Calcium Chloride

Allergens: Milk

Typical ValuesPer 100g
of which Saturates2.4g
of which Sugars0.14g
Eat xinomizithra for breakfast or dessert, with thyme honey and sesame, in Dakos salad or in traditional fried pastries.

Tzourmpakis, Rethimno, Crete

Tzourbakis dairy respect and represent authentic Cretan food traditions. In particular, their traditional grazing methods, which allow the livestock to freely span the greenery of Karines, contribute crucially to the excellent quality and taste of their sheep and goat milk, which are used to produce traditional cretan cheeses.

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