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Septem LAVA (Imperial Red IPA, 9.0%)

Impressive and complicated aromas of caramel, smoked bacon, bergamot, lime and peach characterise this unusual and highly aromatic beer; Greece’s first Imperial India Red Ale. Russet toned with orange highlights, it has a slightly sweet taste overall which perfectly balances its high alcohol content. Fresh, unpasteurised and unfiltered it comes from the award-winning Septem brewery on the large island of Evia near Athens which was founded by chemist and oenologist Sophocles Panagiotou.
As low as £6.50
Packaging: Glass Bottle

Ingredients: Water, Barley Malt, Wheat Malt, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Gluten
Serve at 12C

Septem Microbrewery, Evia, Central Greece

Septem Microbrewery was founded by the oenologist Sophocles Panagiotou on the island of Evia, in 2009. The company’s name comes from the Latin for seven and inspired their first collection of seven beers, each one named after a different day of the week. A winemaker with a passion for brewing, Sophocles used his experience and knowledge as an oenologist to find the best quality malts and hops to create the distinctive balance, aroma, and flavour that characterises Septem beers. The company follow the philosophy that the hop is the ‘grape’ of beer and so select the best quality whole flowers of unique hop varieties from all over the world. By producing non-pasteurised beer they preserve the hoppy aroma and flavour, which would be lost in the thermal process of pasteurisation.

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