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Roots Diktamo Herb Spirit 30% 700ml

A unique spirit created by infusing raki with Diktamo (dittany), a therapeutic and aphrodisiac Cretan herb, with liquiorice and orris, an orchid root. It has profuse herbal and liquorice aromas with a subtle fruitiness and a sweet velvet mouthfeel and peaty richness.
Net content: 700ml

Packaging: Glass bottle

Ingredients: 30% Alcohol

Roots, Athens, Attica

Roots premium spirits are handcrafted from age-old herbal remedies. Part of the Callicounis family, their distilling legacy dates back to 1850 and the ingredients are 100% natural and native to Greece. In 2013, two brothers were inspired by their roots and created unique liqueur recipes with unique and rare ingredients from around Greece.

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