Winter Whites Mixed Case
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Winter calls out for opulent white wines, with body, more aromas and the occassional touch of oak. For our winter whites case we have selected a natural Assyrtiko from northern Greece that will suprise you with its aromatic complexity from this normally reserved grape, some lighter aromatic wines, from Malagouzia to Gewurztraminer and Muscat and two oak-aged whites: the highly-rated Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc Fumé with aromas of citrus, passion fruit and honeydew, and the much-loved single-vineyard Vidiano from Douloufakis in Crete, which perfectly balances Vidiano's peach and apricot aromas with a rich, creamy and buttery pallete. 

1x Alpha Estate Sauvignon Blanc Fume, Single Block 'Kaliva'
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Mi' Assyrtiko
1x Vourvoukelis Malagousia
1x Kokotos Gewurztraminer
1x Nopera 'Roya' Dry Muscat
1x Douloufakis 'Aspros Lagos' Vidiano Barrel

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