Vavourakis Organic Smoked Siglino 500g
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Ktima Vavouraki rear their own free-range, organic pigs on Crete, near Rethymno. They follow a traditional Cretan recipe to make their siglino, which is smoked using olive wood and flavoured with pepper and cumin. Siglino can be compared to the french rillettes and is delicous spread onto toast but is also often used in omlettes, pasta, chickpea soup and risottos.

• Ingredients: Organic, free range pork meat and fat, salt, pepper, cumin.
• Origin: Lampini, Rethymno, Crete.
• Net content: approx. 500g
• Packaging: vacuum bag

The siglino is frozen after production and will be sent out to you frozen. It can be put back in the freezer when you receive it or stored in the fridge and consumed within 7 days.