Vaptistis Red, Mavrothiriko-Mavrotragano

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Windswept vineyards, brilliant Aegean sunlight, deep azure blues, heaps of optimism and joy.

Type: Red, dry
Vintage: 2016
Varietal Composition: Mavrothiriko 70%- Mavrotragano 30%
Region: Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Winemaking: Common protocol of vinification for both grape varieties. The alcoholic fermentation-with wild yeasts-is done at 32oC and lasts 15 days, whereas the maceration lasts 12 days. There is no touch of oak during the maturation process. The maturation of the wine-on its wine lees-is done in stainless steel tanks and lasts for 6 months, which is followed by 4 months of bottle aging prior to launching in the market.
Alcohol: 11.5%
Total acidity (gr tartaric acid/ lt): 6.5
pH: 4.1

Tasting notes: A ruby red colour of medium intensity and depth that is still quite youthfull. It delivers a special aroma of caramelized and spicy/peppery red fruit-not overly sweet-sprinkled with nutmeg, gingerbread and some overtones of a Greek fruit (that is similar to a prune) called “vanilla”.

Pairings: Big fish like red snapper and sea-bream, steamed mussels, also cooked the Greek way called “saganaki”, stewed “stifado” octopus with scallions, all the strongly flavored sea shells and oysters, kolochtypa (it is similar to lobster), chicken with a mushroom sauce, grilled red scorpion fish, various full flavored fish.

The Winery:

Yannis Moraitis says:

"Our origin from Tinos island, in the Cyclades, and our immense love of this beautiful place enabled us to get involved in the adventure of planting a new vineyard and starting wine production. It has also motivated us to get seriously involved in a long wine journey in order to acquire a good level of serious knowledge of wine.

Our deliberate decision of only using indigenous Greek grape varieties led to the selection of those that adapt perfectly to our island’s terroir.

Our desire to contribute in the quality job done for bringing the potential of Greek vineyards to the forefront of the world wine scene matches the relatively new discovery of the Tinos island terroirs and at the same time the progressive resurgence of our unique island which is rich of an incredible array of extraordinary landscapes and culinary delights."