T-Oinos Mavrotragano-Avgoustiatis, 2011
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Grape variety: 70% Mavrotragano and 30% Avgoustiatis
Technical information
Soil: Granite bedrock with sandy loam soil
Organically grown grapes
Mavrotragano plot is situated on 450m of altitude and 10-11.000 vines/ha with north-south orientation.
Avgoustiatis plot in 400m of altitude and 11.500 vines/ha with east-west orientation.
Yield: 35hl/ha
Harvest dates: 20/09-29/09/11
Alcohol : 14%
The Vintage:
Cold and rainy winter with three days of snow. Bud break was set under normal spring weather conditions. Sunny and hot during flowering and luckily lots of rain came after flowering, followed by a few days of extremely hot weather. Veraison was completed under hot and windy weather, with temperature not exceeding 30°Celcius during the day and low temperature during the night. Nice and warm during picking.
Separate and successive picking of the grapes, partly destemmed and gently put in 3.5 tones open wooden vats. Fermentation with wild yeasts. During fermentation the must is punched down daily in order to gain colour and tannins.The temperature is controlled. Malolactic fermentation is completed in barrels. The wine matures for almost two years in french oak barrels.
Winetasting notes:
Spectacular nose of violet, reglisse and pepper. Melting tannins on the mouth,well balanced with a long lasting salty finish. Great ageing potential.