Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato Paste, 200g, by Rizes
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Rizes Sweet Red Pepper and Tomato Paste is handmade of an ideal combination of char-grilled sweet red pepper and tomato in extra virgin olive oil, wine and a hint of sugar.
The paste is prepared during September and October when the peppers are ripe in Western Macedonia.
The extra virgin olive oil and the high degree of ingredient density, between 70% and 80%, make the paste special and brings out its taste and fragrance. Its ingredients and preparation is based on traditional and family recipes from Florina and Pella. It is 100% natural and handmade without preservatives and industrially processed ingredients.
The paste texture is rich with an exquisite aroma of smoked pepper and the sweet taste of tomato.

  • Ingredients: 73% char-grilled sweet red pepper,  21,5% tomato , extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, sugar
  • Handmade with no preservatives
  • Origin: Krokos Kozanis, Greece
  • Net weight: 200g
  • Packaging: glass jar

Served as a dip, appetizer, bread spread, on a mezze platter or accompanying meat or fish.