Strained Sheep's Yoghurt, by Kostarelos

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Traditional Greek strained yoghurt from 100% sheep's milk.

The milk all comes from the island of Evia and specifically from the south, in the area around Karystos. It is a remote and wild region, with very little human intervention. The flocks are made up of indigenous breeds, which are adapted to the rugged terrain and are, therefore, small-bodied and low-yielding, but produce far-superior quality milk, full of the flavours of the Greek countryside on which they roam. All the flocks are free range and are organic in practice and in the process of certification. The milk is then completely hand-made into strained yoghurt using traditional methods and absolutely no additives or preservatives.

*Please note that due to its short shelf life we only send out orders for yoghurt Tuesdays to Thursdays