Manousakis Single Variety Tsikoudia 40% 500ml
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Manousakis Tsikoudia is a distillate from the marc, or pumice, of Roussanne grapes. Tsikoudia, raki or tsipouro is a fine Greek spirit with a long tradition in Greece and can be used an aperitif or a digestive. Traditionally produced by households it can be enjoyed at room temperature or directly from the freezer.

Type: Tsikoudia or Raki
Variety: Roussanne
Soil: Schist, sandy clay loamy.
Altitude: 320-600 meters (1050-1950ft) 
Vineyard pruning and trailing: Goblet and Vertical Shoot Position, trained in either double cordon Royat or Guyot simple.
Harvest: August 15th to August 25th
Alcohol: 40% vol.
Distillation : Single distillation of grape marc in copper stills with plateau
Vintages: 2014 (3.200 bottles of 500ml)