Poriazis Breadcrumbs 400g
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Breadcrumbs from Poriazis bakery on the island of Limnos are made from wheat grown in the bakery's own farms on the island. The grains are ground in their traditional mill and baked with a sourdough starter to a crispbread that is then turned into breadcrumbs.

Ingredients: Wheat flour (40%), wholemeal barley flour (25%), wholemeal wheat flour (25%), wheat flour type 70 (10%), wheat flour starter, yeast, salt. May contain traces of eggs and sesame
Origin: Limnos island, Greece
Net content: 400g
Packaging: Plastic bag

Can be used for breading fish, meat and vegetables, mixing into meatballs and burgers, thickening soups and making bechamel. It can also be used for sweets, such as halva and galaktoboureko.