Ousyra Fokiano Rosé

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The OuSyra Winery is a family run winery on the island of Syros, creating terroir-driven wines from rare indigenous Cycladic varieties. 

A charming Rosé made from Cycladic Fokiano grapes. Intense fresh summer fruits on the nose, sweet mature fruits in the mouth and a delicate unique aftertaste.

Type: Dry Rosé 
ABV: 14.2%
Origin: PGI Cyclades
Soil: Sand, granite, limestone and schist
Grape Varieties: Fokiano 100%
Harvest: August 11th & 18th
Ageing Potential: 1-2 years
Annual Production: 7,500 bottles
pH: 3.69
Residual sugar: 1.2mg
Total SO2: 84ppm

Picked weeks before our white wine’s grapes are fully matured. 12-14 kilo picking bins to avoid crushing of the fruit. Chilled immediately and transported to the island by boat and up to the winery. Whole-bunch pressed for up to 5 hours. Fermentation takes place for about 3 weeks at cool temperatures. We cold stabilize, filter then bottle. Minimum intervention.

Pairs well with fish, lighter meats, cheeses and salads.