Organic Beef Sausages 380g
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These organic beef sausages (loukanika) are produced from free-range veal from the mountains of northern Epirus. They are traditionally flavoured with lots of herbs pepper, leeks and onions.

Can be grilled, barbecued or fried.

  • Ingredients: Organic beef, organic beef fat (12%), organic olive oil, organic casing (pork), organic savoury, organic oregano, organic thyme, organic pepper, salt, organic leek, organic onions. 

  • Packaging: vacuum pack

  • Net weight: approx. 380g

Farma Makri are located in the far north-west of Greece, on the border with Albania. A remote, mountainous and untouched region allows them to practice organic farming and graze the animals on extensive pastures. Their diet is supplemented with organically grown hay.