Neilys Anastasia Fragou, Malagouzia, White

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The queen of the Greek vineyard, in an impressive form.
**All profits from this wine go to those affected by the wildfires in Attiki**

Type: White
Varietal Composition: Malagouzia 100%.
Region: Vineyards of Pikermi
Winemaking: Pre-fermentation maceration (cold soak) in controlled environment, alcoholic fermentation at low temperatures.
Tasting Characteristics: Golden yellow colour with vivid greenish and grey highlights. Intense long-lasting aromas reminiscent of yellow-white fruits like peach, green apple, pear and jasmine with delicate herbal notes. Fresh taste, with a pleasant volume and balanced acidity embellished by spicy, peppery notes and a lime aftertaste.

Best served at 8-10 C in medium sized glass.
Green salads, winter salad with cabbage and apple, cold pasta salad, courgette flowers and grilled vegetables, poultry enriched with white sauces, risotto and pasta with mild sauces, seafood, grilled sole and lean fish. Ideal as an aperitif.

Recent Awards:

2017 Silver: DECANTER WINE AWARDS 92/100

The Winery

Anastasia’s Fragou winery was established in 1986 by Constantine Frangos in Mesogaia, the most important region of Attica considering the vine, a region with a manifold winemaking history that is lost in the times of Ancient Greece.

Originally, the winery had a more traditional form, with a wine press and concrete tanks, as the wine was designed and destined for being sold as bulk wine to the taverns of Athens and Mesogheia. Gradually, however, following the trend of the time with the "renaissance" of the Greek wine, the winery began to take another direction. In 1999 a huge leap was made, the infrastructure was modernized and the technological equipment was brought up to date. The winery directed its attention towards the production of quality bottled wine. It is the year that the winery passed from father to daughter, Anastasia Fragou. She joins forces with her husband Dionysis Fragou, also a winemaker and viticulturist, and together they begin to work towards a common vision. That means the utilization of the family vineyards, standardization of the wine and the elevation of the Savatiano variety to the protagonist of their land and trademark of their production. Their goal is the crystal clear taste of their wines to create feelings and images to the consumers, exactly as they create to them, each sip of wine representing the life, history and tradition of their families.

Following the wildfires in Attiki in July 2018, half of the winery's premises were destroyed, however Anastasia Fragou is putting every effort towards rebuilding what was lost.