Mylonas Winery, Naked Truth, Savatiano, Natural, White

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A naked expression of Savatiano and Attica's terroir.

Region: PGI Attiki
Varieties: Savatiano 100%
Style: Dry White
ABV: 12%

Vinification techniques: This is a single vineyard wine.The grapes are hand-picked and placed in to small crates. After the harvest, the grapes are taken immediately into the winery. Cooling at 8 °C, destemming and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with 10 days on the skins at controlled temperature (18°C). After fermentation the wine is left on the lees for six months with frequent stirring.Unfined and bottled only with a very small addition of sulfites. 

Tasting characteristics: Pale gold colour. Lemon blossom quite straighforward on the nose, touch of creamy biscuits. Superb balance on palate like walking on a fine line and wanting to be on the safe side. Smooth tannins, natural - like finish. Oily, has weight and complexity.

Total Acidity: 6,3 g/L
Ph: 3,22
Residual Sugar: 1,8 g/L
Total SO2: 72 ppm

The Vineyard:
The vineyard is located in Laureotiki, in the region of Keratea and belongs to the broader wine-growing zone of Mesogaia, a historic place famous for its wine since the time of ancient Greece and the symposiums of Plato, Socrates and Aristotle. At an altitude of 200-350m., embraced literally by the sea, give to the vineyard a blessed breeze ideal for the perfect ripening of the grapes. 

Mylonas Winery has gained a significant amount of awards such as Decanter World Wine Awards, Decanter Asia Wine Awards etc.