Maroullas Cypriot Halloumi 100% Goat's Milk

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Good quality, authentic Cypriot halloumi is hard to find nowadays. Maroullas dairy is a small-scale, traditional dairy that produces all their cheese entirely by hand in small batches. They only use goat's milk for their halloumi, which gives is a high melting point, a wonderfully soft and layered texture and delicious flavour. 

  • Origin: Cyprus
  • Ingredients: Goat's milk, salt, vegetarian rennet, mint
  • Net Content: 250g or 350g minimum
  • Packaging: vacuum pack

It can be fried or grilled, but in Cyprus it is often cut into square and eaten uncooked in a salad with watermelon. To make is less salty, soak it in cold water for 10 minutes before using.