Marianna Leivaditaki, Aegean: Recipes from the Mountains to the Sea
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We are delighted to have Marianna Leivaditaki's first cookbook. We we have enjoyed working closely with her and the team at Morito for years and can heartily recommend her take on authentic Greek recipes. 

From the publisher:

"Marianna Leivaditaki is a natural storyteller. She grew up in Chania, on the Greek island of Crete, and spent her childhood helping out in the family-run taverna. After school, she carried around her blue notebook, writing down all the recipes she would like to cook, helped by the Greek grannies' kitchen wisdom.
Marianna's love for the food of her heritage flows off every page, but she also has a
contemporary take on it. As head chef of Morito in Hackney, she has championed high quality ingredients, presenting them in simple, stunning sharing plates, and has been critically acclaimed for doing so.
These inspirational recipes derive from the SEA, the LAND and the MOUNTAINS. We all know the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, rich in olive oil, fresh vegetables and fruit, nuts, fish and whole grains, as well as the importance of how you eat and appreciate your food. Marianna offers achievable, yet delicious dishes celebrating seasonal, fresh food that you can take time to enjoy with friends and family."

Author Biography
Marianna Leivaditaki is the head chef at Morito, Hackney Road. She grew up in Chania,
Crete, where her father is a fisherman. They had a local seafood restaurant where
Marianna helped in the kitchen from an early age. After studying forensic psychology in the UK, cycling round southern Europe and volunteering in Ecuador, she went back to work in the family restaurant for two years. She returned to the UK and asked Sam and Sam Clark of Moro for a job at Moro and has worked for them ever since. She has written recipes for Guardian Cook, was on the front cover of Observer Food Monthly magazine and helped to write the Morito cookbook. She is a judge of the Observer Food Monthly Awards.