Louza from Tinos, sliced 100g, by Boras
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Louza is a typical Cycladian product and one of the most interesting Greek cold cuts. It used to be produced at the end of a traditional ritual, the annual slaying of the family pig in late autumn. No part of the animal would go to waste- sausages and other delicacies were prepared, which would feed the family during the year. Neighbours and friends would come to help in a festive atmosphere and those with knowhow would turn the tender strips of meat on either side of the backbone (sirloin) into louzas.
The recipe involves covering the meat with coarse salt for the first few days and then immersing it in red wine for three-four days in red wine. The strips would then be rolled in local fennel seed, black pepper and allspice and would be slipped into intestine casings and wrapped in towels to hold their cylindrical shape, smoked and hung in airy spots for two months to dry and mature.
Louza should be cut into very thin slices and eaten as it is, without any heat treatment. Maintained at 0-5 °C, it contains no preservatives.

• Ingredients: Free range pork meat, spices, salt
• Origin: Tinos, Greece
• Net content: 100g
• Packaging: packaged by M&G

Ioannis Kritikos comes from a family with a long line of butchers who made louzas, salami and sausages, initially in small quantities for the family and later to serve customers in Tinos island. In 2014, Ioannis opened a new plant to produce cured meats with modern equipment, focucing on louza.