Kostarelos Kefalotyri, Aged 12 Months

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Kefalotyri is the traditional Greek hard cheese, made exclusively from sheep and goats’ milk, in large wheels with a yellow colour, a piquant and salty flavour and dense texture.
Its rich aroma with undertones of nuts and grass brings memories of the kefalotyri cheese of the past.

• Ingredients: pasteurised sheep's milk 70% and pasteurised goat's milk 30% 
• Aging: Minimum 12 months
• Net content: 400g or 1kg
• Packaging: cut and packed by M&G

The Kostarelos family have been producing cheese and yoghurt for three generations, since 1937. The respect and dedication to traditional ways of making, along with the family's know-how and sourcing milk exlusively from small Greek farms are the secretes to their success and quality of their products.