Kostarelos 6-Month Barrel-Aged Feta Catering

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Kostarelos hard feta is entirely handmade (cutting the curd, placing in moulds etc.), with home-made rennet and aged in beech barrels. The ageing process takes more than 6 months (legislation requires just 2), something very difficult to achieve.

• Ingredients: pasteurized sheep's milk and up to 30% pasteurised goat's milk
• Organic processes but not certified yet 
• Origin: Island of Evia 
• Ageing: minimum 6 months 
• Net Weight: min 1kg 
• Packaging: vacuum pack  

The Kostarelos family have been producing cheese and yoghurt for three generations, since 1937. The respect and dedication to traditional ways of making, along with the family's know-how and sourcing milk exlusively from small Greek farms are the secretes to their success and quality of their products.