Karagelis Cold-Pressed Grape Molasses (Petimezi) 2kg
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Also available in 250ml bottle

Karaggelis petimezi is produced by 100% organic grapes, selected and picked after research among Messinia's grapeyards. It is velvety and deep coloured, with sweet flavour with bitter undertones.
Petimezi (grape molasses) has been traditionally produced in Greece by ripe grapes,  and it is used as a natural and nutricious sweetener. It is a natural source of fiber, iron, calcium, vitamins and antioxidantsand perfect for an instant energy boost.

• Ingredients: Organic concentrated grape must
• Origin: Messinia, Pelopponese, Greece
• Net content: 2kg
• Packaging: plastic bottle

It can be used as topping on yogurt, ice-cream, mixed with vinegar and olive oil in salads or in marinades, in cooking for glazing, baking or even in tea and coffee.