Idiston Strawberry Jam 1.3kg
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Also available in 380g jar

Idiston Strawberry Marmalade is made with strawberries from the region of Pyrgos, Greece. They are picked when they are red, ripe and succulent during May and June. Greek strawberries are aromatic and the whole fruit is used to make the jam and not just the pulp. Our Marmalades and Preserves are products that have the flavour and scent of our memories of home. They are handmade products that enclose the nutritional value and vitamins of the fruits, while preserving them beyond their seasonal life cycle.

  •  Ingredients: strawberry, sugar, lemon juice, pectin (no preservatives, no coloring, no glucose added)
  •  Contains 55g of fruit in 100g of final product      
  •  Origin: Nea Philadelphia, Greece
  •  Net weight 1.3kg
  • Packaging: glass jar

Served on fresh bread or toast, as a topping on yogurt and used as an ingredient for cake and tart baking.
Idiston products are handmade under the specifications of ISO22000 food safety regulation code. Only 100% Greek fresh fruit are used.