Handmade Sour Trahana, 500g, by Samarina
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Samarina sour trahana is a traditional Greek favourite pasta that can be cooked in a soup or a type or rissoto. It had entered more gourmet territories in chefs’ kitchens all around the world. Trahanas is made by setting out the dough in pattie shapes to dry in hot weather until it becomes hard. It has high nutritional value, while it is very low in calories and fat content.
• Ingredients: wheat flour, sheep's milk, salt
• Origin: Trikala, Greece
• Net content: 500g
• Packaging: vacuum bag
Served as a “rustic”, no-fuss soup, with olive oil, water and feta, with added parsley or tomatoes, baked in pies or in breakfast, boiled with milk. Eaten as it is for a snack.