Sigalas Vinsanto PDO 75% Assyrtiko-25% Aidani, 2006
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Type: White Naturally Sweet, PDO Santorini, 50cl
Vintage: 2006
Varietal Composition: Assyrtiko 75%, Aidani 25%
Region: Santorini. Cyclades
Vinification techniques: Classic white wine vinification from sun dried grapes (10-12 days). Ageing in old oak barrels for a minimum of 24 months.
Vinsanto is the most genuine descendant of the “passon oinon”, as were called the sun dried wines in antiquity. During the Medieval, the ancient, volcanic Thira was renamed as Santo Erini – Santorini, thus the wine took the name Vino Santo – Vinsanto, declaring its origin, by the Venetians. Thus, the name Vinsanto is a «historical name of appellation», one of the few still existing.

Tasting characteristics: Bright, orange-golden colour, amber, as a result of the sun drying process and the extended ageing in the barrels. Rich and complex aroma with dominant scents of dried and sugared fruits (raisins, apricots). Exquisite structure, acidity and finesse, with a strong, long-lasting aftertaste. With vine age over 50 years this wine is to be kept for several decades. To serve chilled (11°C) with strong cheese, sweet dried fruit and chocolate.

The soil of Santorini and the pruning technique of the vineyards make the grapes and the vineyards unique all over the world.The soil is sandy and is a mixture of volcanic ash and pumice. There are a number of pruning techniques employed; the “giristi” and “koulouri” or “klada”. The pruning technique is both ancient and unique. It was created taking into account the soil and climate conditions of the island, as well as the farming tools and techniques available at the time. The sandy soil, the fierce spring winds, the time of year when the vineyards grow and the scorching sun of the summer have led to the creation of this peculiar and unique type of pruning.Domaine Sigalas’ wines are sorted according to their type. The presentation begins with white and light wines, moves to red and strong ones and ends with sweet wines.


  • Alcohol  - 9% vol
  • Residual Sugar - 280 g/L
  • Ph - 3.1
  • Total acidity - 8.5 g/L (tartaric acid)
  • Volatile acidity - 0.94 g/L (acetic acid)
  • Free SO2 - 15 ppm
  • Total SO2 - 80 ppm