Domaine de Kalathas 'Notias' Aspro Potamisi, Orange

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Type: Orange, dry
Vintage: 2016
Organic, Biodynamic agriculture
Suitable for Vegetarians
Varietal Composition: Aspro Potamisi 100%
Region: Tinos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Soil: Granite sand
Winemaking: Hand-harvested in 15-20 kg cases, 24 hours in the cases in a cooling room at 14°C, feet-trod and slow vertical press. Débourbage at 10°C for two to three days, then alcoholic fermentation in separate stainless steel vats for two months with its own yeasts. Natural refermentation and reduction of 10g of sugars in the following spring. Malolactic fermentation. Blending with 20% Rozaki fermented separately, before the winter. No added sulphites. Unrefined, unfiltered.

Alcohol: 14.5%
Residual sugars (gr/lt): 0.7
Total acidity (gr tartaric acid/ lt): 4.7
pH: 3.85

Jerome Charles Binda, owner and winemaker of Domaine de Kalathas says about Notias:

" Another expression of the traditional Tinos Aspro Potamisi, this time vinified through a whole-bunch maceration of selected grapes, this orange Notias evokes to me the southern winds - hence its name - that come across the Mediterranean all the way from Africa. Apart from associating immediately with spices and heat, it is the disturbing character of Sorocco wind, wild, untimely and violent yet distinctively part of our terroir, which comes to my mind. 
Supportive but integrated alcohol, deep flavours of dried bitter orange, bergamot, dates, as well as a tannic hint make me like it with, say, a sea urchin shot, a creamy burrata and oregano, an aged goat cheese, some dry bitter chocolate mousse.
I usually don't chill this wine too much and prefer temperature room or slightly fresher, to fully express its unfiltered wine potential and its natural balance."

The Winery:

Jerome Charles Binda, a former graphic designer and an art dealer in France, decided to come to Tinos in 2011 and become a farmer and a winemaker, focusing on the extraordinary potential he sensed in the Tinian heritage grapes. Following his intuitions and helped by family and friends, he is aiming to produce a rich palette of natural wines. Commited to produce the finest expression of the island's granitic non-phylloxeric sandy terroir he endeavours in using manual techniques in the vineyards and the cellar. Organic-certified, he is building his own interpretation of biodynamic wines with patience and humility, according to the specificity of Tinos biotope.
Hand-harvesting and feet-treading before gentle vertical pressing, whole-clusters maceration, little temperature control, low-intervention winemaking follow in the cellar an obstinate pursuit of healthy and self-sustained grapes in the vineyard.
Domaine de Kalathas produces white, rosé, orange, light red and deep red wines, fermented and aged in stainless-steel vats, also experimenting small cuvées in different types of clay vessels. Since 2016 all the cuvées are vinified and bottled with no added sulphur.