Organic Amfissa Demeter green olives with oregano, lemon and lemon juice, unpitted, 240g, by Atrapos
Price: £3.70
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Demeter olives are treated with the utmost care and attention to detail. Owing to the unique way of a 12-month treatment, we obtain a product which conserves all it rich antioxidant qualities, slightly bitter taste and firm consistency. It has very low salt and very low fat content.
• Ingredients: **Amfissa green olives, **oregano, *lemon, *lemon juice, sea salt brine (**bio-dynamic farming / *organic farming)
• 100% organic
• 100% bio-dynamic
• Certification: Bio-Hellas, Demeter
• Origin: Amfissa
• Net content:240g
• Packaging: glass jar
Served on their own as a meze, in Greek salads or on fresh bread.

All Atrapos products are of organic or bio-dynamic farming, certified by Demeter.