Assyrtiko Mixed Case
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The indigenous Greek variety of Assyrtiko comes from the volcanic island of Santorini, where it has been grown for millenia. Over this time, it has evolved to survive with very little water, sending down deep roots into the layers of lava that cover the isalnd's limestone bedrock. Cultivation has adapted too by training the vines to produce baskets, which the grapes grow inside of, sheltered from the elements. These unique conditions have produced a variety with exceptional minerality, very high acidity and a full, structured body. Ideal food wines, perhaps best of all with grilled fish, and capable of being aged for a decade or more. Wines that produce few aromas in their youth will evolve into viscous candied citrus with notes of petrol. Comparisons can be drawn to Chablis and Riesling, but really this is a noble grape of its own. This is demonstrated by its adaptibility to terroirs outside of Santorini as it is currently planted not just all over Greece but around the world. 

Our mixed case shows off classic Santorini Assyrtiko from one of the best producers on the island - Domaine Sigalas - with both their stainless steel and oak aged Santorini PDO. Also from Santorini is a style called Nykteri, which means all-nighter as the best wines were made from grapes picked overnight when the temperatures are coolest and then aged in barrel. They also feature two of the islands other indigenous varieties Athiri and Aidani.

From outside Santorini we have the Volacus organic Assyrtiko from the granite plateau on the island of Tinos, which maintains the salty minerality with some peach and citrus notes, the Alpha Estate Assyrtiko from the mountains of Macedonia and the natural Assyrtiko from Chatzivaritis Estate, which has a rich nose of citrus, apples and honey.

1x Sigalas Santorini PDO Assyrtiko
1x Sigalas Barrel Santorini PDO, Assyrtiko
1x Volacus Assyrtiko
1x Santo Nykteri PDO Assyrtiko-Athiri-Aidani
1x Alpha Estate Assyrtiko, Single Block 'Agia Kiriaki'
1x Chatzivaritis Estate, 'Mi' Assyrtiko

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