Agrilia 750ml glass bottle
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Agrilia  organic extra virgin oil has a unique rich flavour and a distinctive green oil as a result of the tender care that goes into every stage of its production, pressing and packaging. Its olives are of ‘Koroneiki’ variety, known for the exquisite oil its small olives yield. It is cultivated, harvested, pressed and bottled in Antiparos, Greece. All the rules of organic farming are strictly adhered to and the harvesting and sorting is done by hand to ensure no mechanical interference. Thanks to a recently purchased ‘state of the art’ two-stage press , the time olives spend from tree to bottle has been dramatically reduced, preserving this way the full nutritional integrity of the oil. It is the perfect oil for cooking and salads.

Ingredients: Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Certified by: Geotechnical LaboratoryS. A.
Origin: Antiparos Island, Cyclades, Greece
Net content : 750ml
Packaging: green Marasca glass bottle

Served everywhere! Fresh in salads, dips, dressings and on fresh warm bread. Use it for healthy cooking and grilling meat or fish, since extra virgin olive oil retains its nutritional values even at high temperatures.